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Introducing Accoutrements, Refined Furnishings for Fancywork

I have been thinking about innovation and purpose a lot lately in my needlework.  (If you ask my daughters, they would say obsessing is probably more accurate, but I digress.) Embroidery may be considered a quaint pastime, but if it is your passion like me you are always looking for methods and means to improve your work.

Let’s face it, good design makes the journey more pleasurable.  And the context of good design does extend beyond the pattern, or canvas you are working on to include instruments and tools that enable one to do better work.

Featured today, is the Accoutrements’ Stumpwork Implement Kit, photographed here with a spool of our Stainless Steel Wire.  This is a brand new line of products from Access Commodities. These implements can be used for Metal Thread Embroidery and Bead Embroidery as well. The compact kit is in a pretty blue leather zip case and contains 5 different Stainless Steel tools:

   1. Scissors
   2. Wire Cutters
   3. Tweezers
   4. Needle Nose Pliers
   5. Round Nose Pliers

Purchased separately, the contents of this kit would cost much more.  This chic case of  tiny tools can be easily transported in your sewing box to classes and stitching sessions with friends.

The interest in Stumpwork exploded onto the American needlework market with the exhibition more than 12 years ago of Jane Nicholas’ Stumpwork embroidery pieces at the Charlotte NATS market.  I was one of three judges, and I believed these pieces at the time were fresh and original, two adjectives you rarely see used relating to needlework. Looking back now, I can say it was a seminal moment because while I did not know how Jane had created her exquisite pieces, I was determined to find products to support this innovative work. This is one of the reasons Access Commodities sells Stainless Steel Wire, books on Stumpwork embroidery, darning needles and fine linen embroidery grounds.

In the coming weeks, I will be featuring other items from the Accoutrements line.  Watch for it.

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