Cross-Stitch Letter Bible

Cross Stitch Letters Bible – A Classic

Back in stock is Valerie LeJeune’s Cross Stitch Letters Bible, Tome 1.

Cross Stitch Letters Bible

This has been our best selling book this year, for several reasons:

  • No embroiderer can have too many charted alphabets, whether you do counted thread embroidery or needlepoint.
  • The 844 alphabets in the book are organized by thread size count at the top right and left hand corner of every page.  See picture below. 
  • Several of our retailers have reported that the inclusion of thirteen diagonal (letters en biais) are worth the price of the book alone.

Stitch Bible

Stitch Bible

The book has 711 pages!  By the way, the translation for the French word “tome” is Volume.

Please contact your local retailer to purchase this book.

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